Transmission Tuner


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me some pointers to tune the transmission myself?
  • If you are using an aftermarket system, I can give pointers to some degree.  Changing shift points is something that the end user can do without to much fear of causing damage.  In the case of the Ford 4R100, most guys just need some help getting it set up right and once they are pointed in the right direction they can make final adjustments.  The Ford 5R110 on the other hand requires shift quality tuning, and that is expertise that is too difficult to transfer.
Do I need to bring my truck to you?
  • No, the transmission is tuned best using recorded data of test drives, called data logs.  Even if you brought the truck to me I would still use data logs to tune the trans.  The only possible advantage of bringing the truck to me is that I can drive the truck exactly how I need to in order for me to see the data I need to see.  This can be a disadvantage however, because I may not drive the truck like you do, so when tuning long distance I can give direction to the customer to drive in a certain way if needed.
Why do you charge by the hour?
    I charge by the hour for several reasons.
  • Believe it or not, it's in your best interests.  Tuning is very variable in nature.  There are a lot of tuners out there that make bold claims of sending you a perfect one time tune, but such a thing just doesn't exist.  The best tunes are developed from studying data logs that show how the tune is working with the truck and driver and adjusted accordingly.  Some tunes can take a hour or so to build and others may only take 10 minutes.  If I do a flat rate charge per tune hoping it will even out in the end, you may pay for a complicated tune when a simple tune is all you need.  On my side of the coin, if I were charging the same per tune, I may need to spend a lot of time studying a poor shift that is intermittent, and be faced with a choice to rush through it, or do it right and not make any profit.

    Whatever amount of time you need, you won't be surprised with a big bill in the end since you pay for the service up front, and you won't have to shell out a big amount if you just need a moderate amount of tuning.
  • I need to make a reasonable profit. If the services I provide aren't profitable I can't continue providing that service.
How can I trust you to be honest with the time you charge?
    I understand it is difficult to trust service providers these days, and unfortunately trust takes time to build. I have made it a little easier with the following:
  • You only have to buy as many hours ahead of time as you are comfortable with- and I typically only sell an hour or so the first time anyway.  A half hour is my minimum, so you can pay for that much and see how it goes.  If you don't feel I am being honest with my time you aren't out a lot of money if you go elsewhere.  
  • I track my time and provide the customer with that information.
  • I need your business and I have a reputation to build, so it would not be smart of me to rip you off.  I am working hard to be the best at what I do and realize that my customers are my best advertising.  Unfortunately many businesses these days don't do business that way, intentionally or unintentionally, and that makes most understandably skeptical.
What happens if there is time left over?
  • If there is time that you paid for left over it can be saved as a credit for you to use in the future, or I can give you a refund.  I try my best not to charge out for more time than I think is needed or wanted by the customer (I rarely sell more than an hour at a time) so chances are good that there will not be any time left over.  If there is time left over, I can offer to build you an alternative tune for towing.  I typically wait until we have a good normal tune, then build the tow tune if you want one.  
If I buy an AutoCal and decide I want to use it with another tuner will you unlock it for me?
  • Absolutely- in fact I will even pay normal ground shipping to get it back to me for unlocking and sent back to you.