68RFE Stand Alone Update: 2-25-2016

I’ve noticed a few guys wondering how the 68RFE stand alone control system is progressing.  This will be the place to check for regular updates.

It is available to purchase, but there are a few disclaimers involved because so far there is only one other guy besides me out there that has one on the road.  That owner lives in Canada and has the 68 behind a 24 valve Cummins in a Chevy pickup. He has in the neighborhood of 450 hp so he knew he was definitely going into uncharted territory when he decided to do the swap.  He somehow lost reverse in his original trans – and long story short, we both learned a lot and he now has a stronger transmission and stronger tuning than what he had previously.

Other customers have purchased the system but their projects have not progressed to the tuning stage yet.  The very first purchase is planned to go into a Suburban with a Cummins.  At least two are planned to go behind 4bt Cummins, and two more into a Ford Cummins swap.

I have intended to get another you tube video done showing the Calibration B feature working- and want to get that done soon.  The holdup has been taking care of current customers and Allison stand alone development. Cal B will allow a switchable tow/haul feature- as of yet I am not too confident it will be available to all customers- it depends on how each individual transmission tunes up with the normal type of tuning that does not allow the cal b function.


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