68RFE Stand Alone Update: 7-2-2016

I’m sitting in an airport waiting to get home after driving my own 68RFE swap to Idaho.  I  latched onto a loaded 2o’ enclosed car hauler there and finished pulling it to Phoenix AZ.  My Dad will pull it back to Montana next week.  Pretty hot down here- and my trans would get a little hot when going slow down here in the heat, (the 94-02 Dodges could really use a better fan clutch system) but otherwise did well- although we could have used more power than the stock 97 12 valve on the hills.

I have another customer with a 4BT and 68RFE on the road, and the type of tuning that allows Calibration B to be used seems to be working well with all the transmission swaps out there so far.  That is giving me more confidence that this type of tuning may work with all 68RFE transmissions, and possibly even better than the clutch to clutch type of tuning that I have used from the start with most so far.  That is good news, since Cal B is a mode that can access a totally different shift and lockup schedules, line pressure chart, and etc – making the Cal B function great for a tow/haul mode!


2 thoughts on “68RFE Stand Alone Update: 7-2-2016”

    1. Cal B is a totally different shift schedule, most of the time it is used for a tow/haul mode where all the shift and lock up points can be adjusted differently so the truck pulls a trailer better, but it can really be whatever you want it to be.

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