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There are some things in life that are worth the wait, and the new transmission controller from Powertrain Control Solutions is that kind of thing.  A novice will get lost in all the functions it and the new software have to offer, but for a PCS dealer like me who has wanted more in an aftermarket transmission controller, I am thrilled.

Rush jobs clothed with glitz and glamour are exciting but disappoint.  However the meat in this setup has a lot to offer so that a whole new level of aftermarket control is now possible.  Just a few of the new options are adaptive shift quality functions, calculated torque, Calibration B for clutch to clutch controlled transmissions like the 5R110, and a fully sealed and compact housing with an OEM type of wire connector.

Due to the high level of capabilities this controller has, PCS has chosen to leave the calibration development for most transmissions to their dealers and for that reason it is not available directly from PCS.  The learning curve is indeed steep, and my application for it is still a bit rough around the edges, but with a few hundred miles already on my own 68RFE swap with the 2800, I am becoming the expert I need to be to sell and support this controller well, and I won’t stop until I have arrived.

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  1. I have a 2001 ram 2500 4×4 with the nv4500. I aim to keep this truck another essentially forever, but hate shifting gears all the time. What all would be needed to swap in a 68rfe?

    1. Hi William, I have worked with two guys so far with the 2800 controlled 5R110, both guys have 08-10 6.4 trucks. The learning curve on this application has been very steep and I am not too confident yet with how it is working. The owner of one truck fried his forward clutch (a clutch that is not controlled by the controller by the way) and I haven’t been able to get any news on what’s going on with that truck since. The other guy got busy with other stuff and we haven’t done any tuning for several months. I’ll probably resume tuning on that truck in the near future. I’m tuning that one for free, and don’t really want to take on another. I am currently recommending using the factory system tuned with SCT for trucks that had a 6.4 – and either using a used PCS 2000 controller, or doing a trans swap for 5.4 or 6.8 trucks.

      The 2800 is working fine with my 68RFE swap, but that is quite a different trans, and I am using another small module that I developed to give me more control over shift and lockup quality. It has a lot of great features and has big potential, but I for one need more time working with the 5R specifically before I am confident in tuning one.

    1. I haven’t worked with one of those yet, apparently it is also referred to as the 722.6. The 2800 has some features for it, and there are some other PCS dealers that specialize in it. I would recommend you call PCS and they should be able to point you to who would be best.

  2. I keep getting shutdown because all the transaxles I want to use were supported on the TCM2000 but the new “Super-Dooper” TCM2800 doesn’t.
    Is there anyway someone is working on the programing dpw the 42le?

    1. Sorry Kev, I don’t know of anyone using it for the 42LE, and I have my hands full with stuff I’m using it for already.

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