Aftermarket Stand Alone Controller for Allison

Announcing a new aftermarket, non OEM, stand alone controller for Allison transmissions in racing applications.

A special thanks goes out to Travis at Double Down Diesel for trying out my first aftermarket stand alone controller for the Allison 1000 to 2550 models, designed specifically for racing and sled pulling.

The system I offer using a factory Allison controller will still be the right choice for your daily driver, but for you racers out there being able to write my own programming for this unit opens up a lot of flexibility and capability in what it can do.  Shifting quickly and reliably right to 4th gear and staying there, manual or throttle and rpm activated lockup, and a “pit mode” 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is where the programming is now.  Leaving the OEM platform simplifies the system to make it more dependable with the higher torque, acceleration rates, and wheel spin the factory system is not used to seeing.

While the first build is being proven out in front of the sleds, I will be working on a tough sealed enclosure and shift quality controls for drag racers that want to use all 6 gears.


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