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Comments are welcome here from customers that have purchased services or products from me, and it is loosely moderated (your post will immediately appear).  If you have a question and you want it answered publicly, please don’t post it here but on my Questions page.  If you end up asking a question here it will be moved to the questions page.  

If you have a question that you do not want answered publicly here, and can’t seem to get through my contact form – just give me a call, I have a lot of very specific information that I can email to you to get started, and am happy to answer any questions you still have on the phone or over email.

I do not allow spam or links to stuff unrelated to transmission swaps, they will be deleted – no person wanting to actually read comments wants to wade through those.

I don’t solicit comments in any way.   The comments here do not have to be pre-approved, only spam that makes it through will be deleted, but remember I do reserve the right to comment myself.

I don’t require pre-approval of these comments so potential customers can be more assured that the comments are real and not just made up- that is also the reason why there aren’t too many.  It’s very typical that most satisfied customers don’t leave long cheerleading rants- so don’t expect to see a ton of that here.  There are quite a few comments about my services and systems out there on the forums and facebook as well, just search and you will find :).

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