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Comments are welcome here from customers that have purchased services or products from me, and it is loosely moderated (your post will immediately appear).  Please note that this section is not for questions and it is not for those who have not purchased parts or services from me.    If you have a question and you want it answered publicly, please don’t post it here but on my Questions page.  If you end up asking a question here it will be moved to the questions page or deleted.  

If you have a question that you do not want answered publicly here, and can’t seem to get through my contact form – just give me a call, I have a lot of very specific information that I can email to you to get started, and am happy to answer any questions you still have on the phone or over email.

I don’t solicit comments in any way.   The comments here do not have to be pre-approved, only spam that makes it through will be deleted, but remember I do reserve the right to comment myself.

I don’t require pre-approval of these comments so potential customers can be more assured that the comments are real and not just made up- that is also the reason why there aren’t too many.  It’s very typical that most satisfied customers don’t leave long cheerleading rants- so don’t expect to see a ton of that here.  There are quite a few comments about my services and systems out there on the forums and facebook as well, just search and you will find :).

One thought on “Customer Comments”

  1. I just wanted to put in a good word for Jason. I’ve worked with him on three different projects and been more than satisfied everytime. He’s honest upfront and helpful. And probably really doesn’t charge as much as he should for what he does. And if you think someone’s unadjustable allison controller that you’ll have to pay more for is going to work as well as his tunable setup I think you should do a little more research. Ryan with Nightingale Transmissions

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