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Comments are welcome here from customers that have purchased services or products from me, and it is loosely moderated (your post will immediately appear).  If you have a question and you want it answered publicly, don’t post it here but on my Questions page.  Unfortunately, quite a few questions are here already that are not comments from customers and should be on the Questions page – but I’m not going to move them because they have to be deleted and copied to do so.

If you have a question that you do not want answered publicly here, and can’t seem to get through my contact form – just give me a call, I have a lot of very specific information that I can email to you to get started, and am happy to answer any questions you still have on the phone or over email.

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I don’t require pre-approval of these comments so potential customers can be more assured that the comments are real and not just made up- that is also the reason why there aren’t too many.  It’s very typical that most satisfied customers don’t leave long cheerleading rants- so don’t expect to see a ton of that here.  There are quite a few comments about my services and systems out there on the forums and facebook as well, just search and you will find :).

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    1. I emailed you David, but haven’t seen a reply back yet so will reply here as well. It may be possible to use Google Translate to communicate, I don’t know much Spanish. I am a PCS dealer and can offer the 2800 for a 5R110, and I also have information on using the factory control system as well.

  1. Hello I’m placing a Allison 1000 out of a 2003 Chevy 2500 be hind my 1994 f350 4×4 7.3 power stroke. I would like to know if you sell a controller for this set up. I will be using the Chevy transfer case and modifing the drivlines. I’m a mechanical engineer with some knowledge of wiring and controls as I work for a company that installs control systems. I have a lot of diesel engine experiance. Please let me know if you offer any controller for the 5 speed Alison set up. I would like a controller pre programed that I could make some basic mods to.

    1. I do offer support for 5 speeds, but a little differently than 6 speeds since new or rebuilt control modules for 5 speeds are very expensive. I can build a new harness and typically get customer sourced, used GM or medium duty control modules reprogrammed to use an analog throttle position sensor if your engine is mechanical or does not have the J1939 communications bus. For electronic controlled engines, like your 7.3 you can opt to use what I call a TCR module. This module can rescale the shared throttle position sensor signal from your existing accelerator pedal, and it also keeps that signal active for the transmission system when your cruise control is active.

      I’ll email you specific sales information for your project that includes prices, options, and swap tips.

  2. Does the PCS TCM2800 allow for torque reduction during shifts?

    I’m doing a 68rfe swap into a ford with a 2006 Cummins 5.9 and I’d like to try to incorporate torque management to keep the 68 happy as long as possible.

    1. The control system does have a function for it using J1939, but it all depends on if the engine will support it Joe, and I have not had any success using that with 06-09 Dodge Cummins engines yet and am pretty much to the end of trying it with them for now, so the answer at least in that year group is a pretty solid no right now at least. It may be possible with ’10 and newer 6.7s but nothing has been proven with those either. If you are around 400 hp or less I am pretty confident it’s not needed, otherwise – if you have more power it’s best to go with an Allison.

      That leads into the question if it is possible with the Allison, but same answer there.

      Now it is possible that I could develop it if I took control of the engine’s throttle input, but I don’t think I will ever go there due to safety liability concerns, the system would require a lot of safety controls to prevent any potential of something going wrong with the system and commanding full throttle to the engine when it shouldn’t.

      At this point I am not convinced torque reduction is something that is necessary even with high horsepower, as long as the shift quality is decent (not too soft or too snappy). I have racers and daily drivers out there with Allisons that have significant power and seem to be holding up ok with billet components, next race season will prove it out better.

  3. Thanks for the quick response Jason.

    I will look into the Allison swap.

    When you say 400hp is that at the flywheel or at the wheels?

    1. I mean that as a general limit, so I’ll just say at the wheels. You likely know already that it’s not being over a certain horsepower number that causes damage so much but it depends more on how a guy drives his horsepower and what it is used for. It’s not like you’ll be fine no matter how you drive it at 400, but taking chances at 425. Towing hard after sitting at a stop light, or stomping on the pedal right during a shift can be much harder on things than an empty 0-60 launch just for fun. If you plan to drive it hard, like an off road race truck or a Corvette – then lower the limit or build accordingly :). If you are reasonable with your power then a more moderately built trans will likely handle more.

  4. Looking at swapping an Allison 1000 6 speed into an older IH pickup. Going to use a DT360 mechanical diesel engine so no cruise control. But plan on 4×4 (divorced or married from behind a duramax). Do you sell transmissions/torque converters, or just the electronics involved?

    1. No I don’t sell transmissions or converters right now, but if I did it would be from a good builder you can go to yourself – like Xcalliber, SunCoast, etc – I just focus on the electronics. I’ll email you some more info to help you plan your project.

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