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Submission of this form will initiate contact with Jason at Transmission Tuner for information about a transmission swap or transmission tuning service you are considering. A confirmation message with follow up details will appear on this page after successful submission.

The form normally works fine, but if you get a cached page error or the hCaptcha fails, refresh the page right away and resubmit. If you can’t submit the form after two or three tries you are welcome to text or call me anytime and leave a message.

If you are a first time caller, you will need to leave a message the first time unless I answer on accident, because I do not answer an unknown number the first time. If you don’t want to leave a message, don’t waste your time calling. If you call and leave a voicemail, you agree to receive a text instead of a call back.

Email is the best way for me to keep an organized to do list, so please do not text me often, but I prefer that instead of a call. If you call, you will probably have to wait longer for a call back, and if you can’t answer I will leave my email address for you to email me some info on your project in your voicemail.

As a potential customer, if you don’t have voicemail set up or don’t listen to your voicemails, understand that I will not try calling again, and I will ignore additional calls and block your number if you keep trying. Basically what this tells me is you have a hard time reading, following instructions or paying attention. Sorry that is so blunt, I don’t want to be rude but I have to be efficient in order to keep a high level of customer service after the sale and I have plenty of potential customers that are happy to work with me in this way.

I reserve the right not to obligate myself to call potential customers back the same day or even at all if I am very busy with current customers (people who have purchased parts or support already). If you don’t hear back from me after a few days, you are welcome to try me again but leave another message. If your project is something I can help you with I will try to return your call in a few days.

Search around and you will find that I support customers very well and am diligent to call customers back and spend lots of time on the phone with them in the install and tuning stage of a transmission swap if needed. You are encouraged and welcome to register for my forum, which also has a lot of information for registered accounts.

These are some of my reasonable expectations so I can do the best I can to meet yours. For Oh Six, 407, 7six27

I cannot return calls to Australia or other countries except Canada. Leave your email on a voice message if you cannot get through with this form.

First and at least a few letters of last name are required.
Email is required for me to send you detailed sales info.
Your phone number (xxxyyyzzzz) is required so I can add it into my phone system so I know it’s a customer calling me. It is also added to your shipping label if you purchase something that is shipped to you.
Please include a few details about your project, what year and type of engine, and what type and year of transmission you want to use. This does not have to include a lot of detail at this point.