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    Jason DJason D

    The Allison tps is a nice sensor if you don’t mind spending extra money, the only problem is it cannot be quickly replaced if you do have problems with it, and I have had a couple customers that had to replace them already so far, so for that reason they are no longer my best recommendation.

    Below are some cable lengths listed out with the part number:

    16″ – 29507766

    22″ – 29507767

    24″ – 29514531

    28″ – 29507768

    34″ – 29509929

    The end of the tps cable is a 1/4” rod that can be threaded with a 1/4-28 die nut and one of these Dorman rod ends available at your local parts store (O’Reilly’s part number 115-002).  After you have it threaded this rod end can then be installed on the end. Do not get a rod end with a nylon bushing as they are usually too tight and can cause the tps to hang off of idle. This rod end then can  be bolted to your throttle linkage.  A slotted hole is nice to get the distance from your throttle linkage pivot just right – this distance sets how much the cable is pulled.

    The ideal amount the cable needs to be pulled is between about 5/8” and 1”. So to figure out how far away from your pivot point you need to drill the hole for your rod end, guess and make a mark, then measure with a scale or a ruler how far the mark moves from closed to full throttle. Adjust your mark closer or farther away to get the right amount of stroke.

    The bulkhead (part of the outer cable that is held in a bracket) requires a 1/4″ slot with a small screw to hold it in so it’s easy to work with.

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