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Custom Transmission Tuning for Ford® 5R110

OEM Transmission Control Tuning

I no longer offer OEM control system tuning with SCT for Fordcummins conversions, as my Allison and 68RFE swap services and products are what I want to focus on.  Diesel Conversion Specialists may still be the go to guys for former 6.0 trucks using the factory system. has made good progress tuning '08-'10 Fummins trucks that have the 5R110 using the factory control system.  After seeing some data logs, I am recommending their services at this time.  Let me know how it goes with either of these companies if you buy their services.

Even 6.0 powered Fords can also benefit from custom transmission tuning- especially those with taller than stock tires or trucks with gear ratio changes.  Blanket speedometer or gear ratio tune changes help, but don't often zone in on the real issues involved with what you do with your truck.  Better timing of torque converter lockup, lockup in lower gears, and custom tailored tow/haul features are improvements that can greatly benefit the function of the 5R110 Torqshift.

Legacy PCS TCM-2000 Transmission Controller Tuning Support

If you are using the Powertrain Control Solutions TCM-2000 to control a Ford 5R110 Torqshift transmission behind a Cummins and you are frustrated with how it's going, consider giving me a chance to help you.  First off, consider the factory system first if your truck had a 6.0 diesel previously, but if it does not suit your needs I can help with the TCM-2000 on a "as I have time" basis.   The '08-'10 6.4 or gas powered trucks do not work that great with the factory system.

PCS does not support the 5R110 application and has left that to their dealers.  As you may already know- the PCS TCM-2000 was the most popular* aftermarket system available for the 5R110 and there are quite a few in service.  It does work, and I am more confident using these than the new TCM-2800 for 5R110s at this point, but tuning the trans is extremely tough for those who are beginners. Even guys that claim they know what they are doing may not, and make excuses for rough or slow completing shifts.  These type of shifts are common, but not good - and are caused by incorrect clutch to clutch tuning or trim adjustments.  If during the shift it feels like you are tapping on the brake, the clutches are binding.  If the engine rpm spikes up during the shift it is flaring. 

Adjusting the clutch to clutch parameters correctly requires studying a recording of the transmission data during a test drive, called a data log. Data logs are so important to the tuning process that I'll give you a friendly warning- if someone is helping you tune it without studying a data log they don't know what they are doing and could cause damage to your transmission.  Continuing to use a transmission that is not properly tuned can and often will cause damage to the transmission.  Since I first started working with the PCS 5R110 controller back in 2008, I have learned it inside out and can get it to reach it's highest potential.  I now offer a tuning manual on my forum for continued support of it, see the link below. 

 At this time, I am not supporting the new 2800 for the 5R110, but if you are having trouble with it let me know - I have worked with it before and can at least give you more informatioin if you have exhausted support from others who claim they have it working flawless. If there is anyone out there with one running well, I'd be happy to see a datalog to prove it!  If I'm impressed I'll update the options here.

Advantages the PCS 5R110 control system offers is manual mode shifting, full and "easy" control of line pressure, shift and torque converter lockup points, and fast calibration flashing.

If you need tuning support, signing up for the 5R110 forum may be an option for you if you want to learn how to tune this trans yourself, but I will warn you it's not as easy as it sounds..  Learn how to do a datalog and calibrate your throttle position sensor by watching these videos.

* HGM Automotive Electronics (Compushift) was advertising the ability to control a 5R110 with the Compushift II controller, but it doesn't seem to be one they are working towards with their new Pro tcm.  I have not tried any of the Computshift controllers with a 5R110, and haven't heard of anyone that has yet.  If anyone out there has and can share a data log with me I can give it a fair review.    For some reason, it is not listed under the new Pro or Sport controller at this time.