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About Transmission

Transmission exists for those guys that buy a transmission controller and find out they need some help, or for those that are looking for something new that the big companies don't offer.  Those that need help with something they already purchased found out that the big dealers often sell you the product just to make a quick buck on it - and even though they are supposed to support what they sell, they often do not do that well.  If you have tried to get tuning help from them and haven't got any- or if the tuning support they have given you is not enough- call me.  I charge by the hour to make a reasonable profit for any support you may need- such as installation, wiring, tuning, or troubleshooting.  I can give you the services you need so you can get on the road.

About Jason

I'm 41 years old and have been tuning and supporting both aftermarket and OEM transmission control systems for several years.  I have studied literally thousands of datalogs and tuned hundereds of transmissions.  I made the tough decision to start my own business in October of 2013 with the hope that I can have a little more time with my family.  I know that in order for my business to be successful, I need to provide my customers with great service.  In order for me to meet this goal I will at times be forced to be honest with potential customers and admit I am too busy to help them.  This will allow me to give customers I have already committed to the service they deserve and allow me some time for more important things in life like my family too.  I expect that this balanced business philosophy will keep me in this business for the long haul - I won't oversell my products and services, and I won't get burned out.

Jason at Transmission Kalispell, Montana