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About Transmission

Transmission started out for those guys that bought a transmission controller and found out they needed some help, but now is mainly for those that are looking for something better that the big companies don't offer or make big promises on but don't deliver.  I'm working hard to earn a solid reputation doing business with honesty and transparency.

About Jason

I was born in the early '70s when an overdrive transmission was a rarity and email was science fiction.  Since then things have come a long way, and I have been tuning and supporting both aftermarket and OEM transmission control systems since 2008.  I have literally studied thousands of datalogs and tuned hundreds of transmissions.  I made the tough decision to start my own business in October of 2013 with the hope that I can have a little more time with my family.  I know that in order for my business to be successful, I need to provide my customers with great service, and invest in cutting edge products that perform as they should.  It hasn't been easy and I probably would have earned more take home at McDonalds early on, but the potential is keeping me in it.  In order for me to meet my goals I will at times be forced to be honest with potential customers and admit I am too busy to help them.  This will allow me to give customers I have already committed to the service they deserve and allow me some time for more important things in life like my family too.  I expect that this balanced business philosophy will keep me in this business for the long haul - I won't oversell my products and services, and I won't get burned out.

Jason at Transmission Kalispell, Montana