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Contact Information

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.  The best way to reach me when you are in the research stage of a project is by email, you can email me through my contact form and I can email you back a lot of really good information that is more specific to the project you are considering.

I understand most people would rather call, but I simply cannot spend 45 minutes or more with every potential customer that calls, and that is the equivalent of the amount of information I can send in an emailed sales article that is specific to the swap you are considering. My phone line is reserved for people that have already paid for products and services - those are the only people I will talk to on the phone for hours if needed.  If you are a first time caller, you will have to leave a message the first time unless I answer on accident, because I do not answer an unknown number the first time. It's pretty crazy how many people call but don't leave a message, but If you call please leave a message.  If you don't want to leave a message, don't waste your time calling. 

I will reserve the right not to obligate myself to call potential customers back the same day or even at all if I am very busy with current customers (people who have purchased parts or support already).  If you don't hear back from me after a few days, you are welcome to try me again and leave a message.   If your project is something I can help you with I will return your call in a few days.   If you don't pay any attention to what I say here, it will pretty much screen you out of being a customer that I want to work with, good luck with a competitor.

Even though I do have caller id, and even if you are a customer (already paid me money) and you do not leave a message I will not call you back.  I absolutely hate wasting time with phone tag, so when a person does not leave a message I assume they are going to be difficult to get a hold of and they will try calling me back later.  If you are a first time caller and I call you back and you do not have voicemail set up on your phone - or worse yet you do not bother to listen to my voicemail, I will not try to call you again, as I will assume you hate working with computers, or you are too busy to think about it well, and a modern transmission swap is not for you.  If you do have voicemail, I will leave my email address for you to email me back, and if you don't want to do that, I'll let you go to my competition.

#1 Priority - Current Customers:

I always call back current customers if they leave a message.  If I don't reach a current customer, I will leave a message.  If you have to leave me another message, let me know a good time to call you back and I will do my best to call you at that time.  The work I do requires some concentration - so yes, I do ignore the phone sometimes - numbers I don't recognize especially.  I can guarantee that you do not want me getting interrupted every 5 minutes when I am working on your stuff LOL !!!  Most people understand and are rewarded for their patience.  Email is the best way to make an appointment, ask a quick question or give me feedback.  Just to be clear - customers are only those who have paid for products or services, they are not any other people.

Days Off (Closed and not in the office)

I do keep a flexible work schedule in order to best serve my customers, however that can lead to working all the time- so I do try to take a few days off now and then.  I always take Sundays off, and generally speaking, I also take Saturday off or work on development projects, however if you make an appointment I will be happy to work with you on Saturdays or later in the evening.  Days off and after 5:30ish are generally family time- so don't expect to reach me on the phone and don't expect me to call you back.  I may surprise you if the situation is terribly urgent and can be solved quickly, but that is my decision - please leave a message or send details via email.  I don't always check messages or emails on days off, but sometimes do.  If you are a current customer, and you are planning to take a long trip or do some urgent work while I am unreachable, let me know ahead of time and I will be sure to check my messages and emails on my days off if possible.  If I cannot check messages, I will let you know.  I also try to give active customers a heads up when I will be taking a day off, but if you haven't worked with me in a while, it's best to check in with me a few days before you need my help, or if you are registered for the forum, see the forum thread Jason's days off.