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Below are links to some of the forums that my services or products are mentioned in.  Newer posts are found at my own forum, but you must be registered to see them. The forums are a great way for guys to share opinions and ideas, and although you can't believe everything you read on a forum, they are still a good idea.  To support their intent, I do not solicit my customers to cheerlead for me, nor do I try to control what my customers or others say about my services and products- however I do take my liberty to comment on threads and posts from time to time to provide clarification or an explanation for those that are looking for that.

Allison 6-Speed Swap

  "For the Allison, Trans-Tuner appears to do a modified GM calibration, and only locks in the top gears initially. Lower gear locks are additional programming/cost, and he doesn't include the TPS in his package - you need to source one."   

I actually offer an Allison Medium Duty system.   There are a couple different options on the TPS and rather than pay retail myself for an Allison TPS and mark it up another 30%, I point my customers to good vendors and allow them to get them on their own.   Other options I can provide and make $20.00 on them for my trouble. 

As far as locking the converter up in lower gears goes- I don't do that initially to protect my customer's best interests.  The initial adaptive learn stage for a new TCM is typically quite violent- and if it goes through that with the converter locked up it is at least not very nice to your truck and could potentially damage the transmission in high performance applications.  I minimize this risk in two ways- one by NOT locking up the lower gears until the trans is ready for it,  and two by doing the initial adaptive learn with the new TCM in my Suburban when the system is tested. 

The complete Allison 1000/2000/2400 info and swap guide thread

Chances are very good that you have already read a good bit of this one on the 4bt swaps forum.  There is a good amount of info on the 8.1 control system on that thread- although it can take hours to sort it all out.  Maybe someday someone will condense it down to the good stuff.  The 8.1 system is quite limited as far as shift quality tuning goes and having to use the Chevy BCM module for tow/haul is a bit of a pain- but if you are dead set on having tap-shift you may want to consider it.  Be forwarned that if you have lots of power it may be difficult to avoid flaring.

Allison with 205 transfer case threads

These posts are pretty old now.  Howard's Allison Conversions and Advance Adapters both make adapters to use the 205 with an Allison.   I have customers using both.   A few things to be wary of with the 205- the front driveshaft will need to be a skinny one or it will hit the pan, and you may even need special clocking or a lift kit to get it away from the pan still.   The 241 passenger side drop Chevy case has the same issues.    

68RFE 6-Speed Swap

  "I've had an email conversation with him - the 68RFE is a non-starter for me due to the fact that he doesn't support an exhaust brake, and it's generally fragile nature."   

Actually, I can support an exhaust brake with the 68RFE, but there are some things to explain about that option, and most likely did explain the options to Jim but he probably didn't feel like going through all that on the forum.  See my 68RFE Swap Page for the details.

Some might find this thread a little confusing, with the title saying "Transmission Tuners Needed".   Originally the thread's owner was looking for someone to help with tuning his 68RFE swap, because he was frustrated with how it was going with me.  I'm not sure if he ever got any response from another tuner- but he edited his posts after I reminded him to ask any prospective tuner to send him a calibration rather than he send mine out to some wanna be tuner.  I not only did that for the obvious reason that I want to keep my tuning proprietary as long as I can, but also for his interests as well.  There are lots of guys out there that act like they know what they are doing and will take advantage of someone if they get a chance.  Be wary of any tuner who asks you to leave your truck with them for a week so they can remove your presence from the whole process.  Custom tuning via email keeps you in the loop and puts the tuner's skills right in front of you where they should be.  Also be wary of anyone who tells you they can send you a single perfect tune - it's just not that easy.

I really would have rather he left his original posts the way it was- because his thread is now too positive.  There is plenty of potential for frustrations with tuning, especially with this particular swap and if you are a person that is aiming for perfect lock to lock shifts.  I don't fault those that do want their trans to shift as perfect as it should, and I do my best to get it as good as it can be.  Tuning is a process that involves a lot of factors, like how you drive the truck, how much power your engine has, transmission condition, and even how you drive it.  Sometimes it takes longer than we all would like, and I don't want to hide that fact- I would rather you be prepared for it instead.

5R110 PCS Tuning

I have customers in the Fummins Facebook group that have mentioned me and I don't even know what they are saying, since I am not a member of that group.   Have at least one customer that I sent one tune to and never even got a log back, but he said it was good.  Whenever I have the chance I warn guys not to expect your trans to be tuned with one tune- it rarely works out that easy. 


I am not on Facebook- I have thought about it but have to say I am just too busy right now to do it well.  The last thing I want is a Facebook page that I don't respond or post up to.